Recent Cleaning Before & After Photos

What's in your Ducts?

Do you know what's lurking in your ducts? Here is a before and after picture of a residential duct cleaning. 

Kitchen Floor Tile Cleaning

Kitchen Floor cleaning at a residential home which was about to be put on the market. The real estate team was thrilled with the work we did. 

Freshly Cleaned Grout and Tiles

These tiles needed a major face lift. When SERVPRO of St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties arrived at this residential home the tiles and grout were covered in... READ MORE

Yacht Carpet Cleaning

Fun fact: did you know we do cleanings on boats too!? With Southern Maryland being surrounded by water we get multiple calls a year for jobs that involve a boat... READ MORE

Not A Shadow... Just A Cleaned Carpet Against Non-Cleaned

Do you see the difference?! One may think the dark part of the carpet is a shadow lingering above but in fact it is not. That is just how dirty the carpet was b... READ MORE

Air Duct and HVAC cleaning

We love to help out on the Naval Air Station Patuxent River whenever we can! After your HVAC has been operating without attention for some time, there could be ... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning

A great picture showing carpet cleaning in progress, and the difference it can make! This is not a traditional before and after photo, the difference between c... READ MORE