Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

When one of our local hotels was in dire need of an emergency carpet cleaning, their local and trusted SERVPRO was there for them. Our customers were thrilled w... READ MORE

Sprinkler Head Burst In Local St. Mary's County Hotel

This hotel experienced a massive three story water damage caused by a sprinkler head burst. Approximately a dozen room on each floor, along with the hotel lobby... READ MORE

Calvert County Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

As we all know, restaurants have hundreds of foot traffic daily. From the flow of customers traveling in and the employees moving quickly to make sure their cus... READ MORE

Our Lady Star Of The Sea

We were called when a local church, Our Lady Star Of The Sea, needed desperate help after their building was experiencing water damage. The water was spread thr... READ MORE

Fire Head Sprinkler Burst In Local Restaurant

Nothing could be more terrifying than getting a call from some of your employees in the early morning of the night that a fire sprinkler head has burst in your ... READ MORE

HVAC Leak Pt. 2

This is another look at the damage that was created in St. John's School by the HVAC leak in the attic. Here we have shown the outcome of what happened when the... READ MORE

HVAC Leak in St. John's School

An attic HVAC leak resulted in damage on the first floor and lower level classrooms, along with the administrative offices in our local St. John's School. We st... READ MORE

Hilton Garden Inn Pt. 2

Here is another look at that damage that was created after sprinkler head burst at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Dowell, Maryland. The before picture shows how the ... READ MORE

Hilton Garden Inn Water Loss

One of our greatest local hotels was in desperate need when a sprinkler head burst, creating water damage in four guest rooms and one wing of the main floor hal... READ MORE