Storm Damage Photo Gallery

garage water damage with lamboghini

Your Price Possessions Are Safe With Us

Allowing strangers in to your home can sometimes feel uncomfortable but with our extensive hiring process we can ensure you that your valuables are safe with us. We treat every home like it is our own. 

It is also pretty cool when you show up to a job and get to see a Lambo!

servpro truck in the snow

No Matter The Weather, SERVPRO is there

Sun, rain, snow, ice... SERVPRO of St. Mary's and Calvert Counties is always there for you! Are services are available 24 hours of the days, 7 days of the week. There is never a time that we will not get to you faster than the rest! You can always count on us. 

layer of water above a sump pump

Trouble In Hollywood, MD

Your sump pump battery may let you down but here at SERVPRO of St. Mary's and Calvert Counties we never will! This family came down to their basement after a weekend filled with heavy rain fall to their floors being covered with a layer of water after their sump pump battery failed. Luckily for them our 24 hour emergency call technicians were able to get out there right away and start extracting the water. 

If you are having trouble in paradise, give us a call! We are around 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

2019 SERVPRO crew standing behind one of our lime green SERVPRO vans

2019 SERVPRO of St. Mary's and Calvert County Crew

Do you have water or fire damage? Has a storm swept through your home or business? From the initial call to the completed work, these are your people!

Call our 2019 SERVPRO of St. Mary's and Calvert County Crew, where they can make any disaster "Like it never even happened." They are available to you, 24 hours of the day and seven days a week. Do not hesitate to call, pick up the phone now! No job is too big for us! 

Clogged Drain

Clogged drains can cause serious issues for your home. In this case, there was too much water trying to flow through the drain and with the outside debris the drain was clogged. The clogged drain left standing water on the outside of the basement entry way which then lead into the basement.

Damaged Roof

SERVPRO of St. Mary's and Calvert Counties was called when this family home had water damage in their bedroom after realizing their roof had damages to it. A tarp was used to help prevent water getting into their home, while we were called for immediate water clean-up. With our highly-trained technicians and equipment the bedroom was restored quickly.

Falling Trees

When severe weather is on it's way, you want to make sure that you do not have objects around your home that are going to effect your home. For example, trees. It is important to trim dead or lose branches on the trees around your house so when strong winds blow, they do not knock into your home. If the tree is completely dead, have it removed. You do not want to risk the chance of it falling onto your home, like this tree picture above did. 

What Color Would You Call This?

Would you believe that this carpet is actual a cream white and not a grayish brown? This family lives on a large farm here in St. Mary's County where they are always outside. When it rains things start to get muddy and wet, which then, are tracked inside. We were called to clean the mess because between the winter snow and spring rain this carpet has lost its color. After SERVPRO of St. Mary's and Calvert Counties treated their carpets, they finally had their color back.